LUNA SKATES now with High Rebound Wheels

For the production of the current LUNA SKATES, the highest quality polyurethane (PU) was used. The PU is responsible for the cushioning and the grip when riding with your roller skates. The higher the quality of the PU, the better it compensates for small irregularities in the surface. The rolling feeling becomes smooth, riding feels like “gliding” on asphalt. You can already feel the difference with your bare fingers if you squeeze the wheels a little.

The increased “rebound” of the castors not only compensates for small unevennesses, but also returns energy during speedy riding. The wheels “bounce”, so to speak.

If you have other skates for comparison, then you can drop the roller skates once from a height of 5 cm onto the ground. With cheap wheels, the skate stays on the ground like a block. With LUNA SKATES you can see the springiness of the wheels. The effect is not as strong as with a flummi. But the principle is the same.