Start the spring with new wheels and bearings!

Spring is just around the corner, and you want to skate outside again. Before you start rolling, your wheels might still need a moment of assessment. Finally, the driving fun must not fail because of the wheels or bearings.


The wheels wear differently. This is due to the driving style, the surfaces on which you drive or the braking technique. To ensure that the wheels are not only worn on one side, it is also advisable to replace the wheels in their arrangement. However, if the wheels are completely worn out, new ones are needed.

With our replacement wheels are original bearings and spacers already mounted. It could not be easier! Replace, tighten, and off goes the wild ride! The wheels are perfectly matched with their 80A hardness for use on asphalt and indoor floors. They are thus optimally in the midfield for soft and hard wheels. Wheels under 80A are softer and more suitable for outdoor use. From a hardness of 80A one speaks of hard rollers for softer floors. The kinetic energy is then braked less. 

The High Rebound PU provides a high driving comfort, even on slightly rough surfaces. At the same time, the wheels also provide a high grip on slippery surfaces (for example, when used in the roller disco). Our wheels are available in the three colors Shadow, Rose and Mint!


Each wheel has two bearings in its core. One on each side of the wheel. The bearings can have different numbers such as 7 or 9. This number indicates the accuracy of the bearing. The higher the number, the more accurate the bearing is. A higher accuracy means that the wheels do not rub against each other as much. This results in a smooth and quiet ride. As with our Brilliant Move wheels.

Bearings with ABEC 9 are best suited for roller skates. After all, the bearings should be able to withstand the fast and sporty driving. Accordingly, it is important to check the bearings regularly. Because despite the cover, it can happen that moisture or dirt gets into the bearing, which can cause rust. To check the quality of the bearings, it is recommended to take the skates in hand and turn the wheels. The bearings should have the following characteristics:

  • all wheels should have a similarly long running time
  • the wheels should be continuous in their rotation (no “twitching” of the wheels)
  • no noise of any kind should be heard

If any of the above does not apply, it is recommended to change the bearings. For this purpose we have our bearings as spare parts.