Summertime means roller skating time!

The temperatures are increasingly inviting us to spend time outside enjoying the fresh air. But how do you spend your time outside? The best way is with the Luna Skates They are truly timeless and an absolute highlight! With their simple and elegant design, Luna skates are perfect for matching to your style with accessories. […]

Like a Princess

The Luna Skates Princess combine fabulous design and dreamlike quality. Der Luna Skates Princess sieht nicht nur bezaubernd aus, deine Bewegungen sehen auch noch so elegant wie die einer Prinzessin aus. The Luna Skates Princess not only looks enchanting, your movements also look as elegant as those of a princess. The polyurethane wheels with a […]

In the light of the Black Moon

In the glow of the Black Moon, the LUNA SKATES Shadow is optimally staged. The Black Moon is an astronomical phenomenon. Unlike a usual new moon, it is not visible because it is the second new moon in a month. This year, the phenomenon takes place on 30 April, which only happens once every 29 […]

Into spring with fresh colours!

Spring has finally arrived and the weather can be enjoyed with roller skates. The first rays of sunshine, the breeze and meeting friends to ride around with.  Spring is the perfect season to wear bright colours. So why not go for fresh colours in your roller skates too? Our Luna Skates Mint Flash and Moon Rose […]

Mit frischen Farben in den Frühling!

Endlich ist der Frühling da und mit den Rollschuhen kann das Wetter genossen werden. Die ersten Sonnenstrahlen, Fahrtwind und Freunde treffen, mit denen man zusammen durch die Gegend fährt.  Der Frühling ist die perfekte Jahreszeit, um bunte Farben zu tragen. Warum dann nicht auch bei den Rollschuhen zu frischen Farben greifen? Unsere Luna Skates Mint Flash […]

Start the spring with new wheels and bearings!

Spring is just around the corner, and you want to skate outside again. Before you start rolling, your wheels might still need a moment of assessment. Finally, the driving fun must not fail because of the wheels or bearings. Wheels  The wheels wear differently. This is due to the driving style, the surfaces on which […]

The Luna Skate Savannah – a noble highlight

The Luna Skate Savannah is a visual highlight with its warm beige colour. Between bright colours or the classics like black and white, the Savannah definitely stands out! Beige is a noble colour and emphasises bright colours. It also stands out in a pleasant way. Thus, in these hectic times, the Luna Skate Savannah combines […]

Der Luna Skate Savannah – ein edles Highlight

Der Luna Skate Savannah ist mit dem warmen Beige ein optisches Highlight. Zwischen knalligen Farben oder den Klassikern, wie Schwarz und Weiß, sticht der Savannah definitiv hervor! Beige ist eine edle Farbe und betont bunte Farben. Zudem fällt sie auf angenehme Art und Weise auf. Somit verbindet der Luna Skate Savannah in diesen hektischen Zeiten […]